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Signs your Battery may need Replacing

July 8, 2017

Your Car's Battery uses stored energy to operate the starter motor, ignition system, fuel injection system and other electrical devices during engine cranking and starting. The battery also supplies all the electrical power for a car whenever the engine isn't running. A 'flat' battery is the most common causes of car breakdowns.
Come in and see us for a FREE Battery test if you start to notice -
•   The vehicle's headlights or interior lights dimming

•   Slow engine starting

•   Vehicle's Check Engine light comes on
No appointment required, simply drop in, we can test your battery to determine if it may need replacing.
Some Reasons Car Batteries Fail -

•  Frequent short trips

•  Battery Age

•  Faulty Charging System or Starter Motor

•  Leaving headlights, interior lights, radio or air conditioner on while the car isn't running

•  Not starting the car for a long period of time

•  Lack of battery maintenance

•  Damage to the battery (often caused by corrosion or vibration)

•  Incorrect Battery Type or Size

•  Low fluid levels (if battery is maintainable)

•  Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat

•  Dirty, Loose or Worn Terminals


Battery Maintenance Tips -
It is important to check and properly maintain the components around your car battery to avoid premature battery failure.
•  Check terminals, cables, screws and clamps are in good condition - look for damage or loose connections
•  Ensure the battery connections  are clean and tight, the battery top should be clean and dry
•  Use a wire brush to clean off any corrosion and secure the battery to the battery tray to prevent excessive vibration
•  If Battery is Maintainable, check and top up fluid levels if necessary
We Stock only the best Quality Batteries
If your battery does need replacing, we stock a wide range of quality Century and Delkor batteries to suit most vehicle makes and models. Our prices are extremely competitive and for a small fee we can fit your battery for you. Our technicians are highly experienced and can make sure you get the right battery for your car and power needs. Come in and see us today.